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Best web hosting in Canada for 2020

Vital to making an internet site and ensuring healthiness , the selection of web hosting shouldn’t be left to chance. Are you trying to find the simplest website hosting ? does one want to place the chances in your favor for your site to achieve success ? it’s to assist you are doing this that our team of experts have tested and compared the simplest web hosting services of 2020 . So let’s determine together everything you would like to understand about web hosting , the various sorts of packages , our purchasing guide with the essential choice criteria also as our selections of the simplest web hosting by category with their advantages and drawbacks !

What is web hosting in Canada?

Web hosting is that the set of means implemented by a number to supply “accommodation” to an internet site also as all the amenities necessary to access, develop, maintain and receive visitors.

To do this, the host uses servers located in infrastructures called datacenters (or data centers). a number are often a tenant of locations for its servers during a data center but also owner of its data center. These infrastructures are secure and supply power, air con and broadband connection to the web especially to make sure optimal performance. generally , these centers are certified in many aspects so as to be ready to highlight them in their communication.

Servers are powerful machines, richly endowed with processor, memory and storage resources on which LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) or WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) hosting environments are generally installed. All this is often supplemented by an administration panel, which allows the top user to access the varied hosting functionalities and manage it more or less deeply . It all depends on the sort of offer subscribed and its possibilities in terms of configuration and access.

What is an web host?

A web host are often compared to a hotelier or a true realtor who offers accommodation adapted to the requirements and budgets of its customers. It therefore provides “accommodation” equipped with all the technologies required for websites to make sure their online presence. As such, he’s liable for ensuring the connection of your site to the web also as providing you with the required infrastructure and resources. to its proper functioning

Just like hoteliers or land agents, web hosts attempt to meet the requirements of various sorts of customers. Indeed, the requirements of a private won’t be like the requirements of knowledgeable blogger with an outsized audience, an eCommerce company or an administration. this is often the rationale why they provide differing types and ranges of web hosting.

Our evaluation criteria for web hosting Canada

With the abundance and large variety on offer, it’s tough to settle on the simplest web hosting. this is often the rationale why we’ve selected and detailed for you a group of criteria, which we consider essential for the evaluation of web hosting.

The reputation of the host

It is documented that there’s no smoke without fire. The reputation of an internet host is usually very closely linked to the standard of the services it’ll provide you. within the very competitive world of hosting, when an internet host features a good reputation, it gets known, and if that reputation is tarnished for a few reason, it gets noticed very quickly also .

Technical characteristics

The speed of the bandwidth, the processor power, the sort of RAM memory used or the sort of data-storage medium used are all technical characteristics which will have an immediate impact on the performance of your site. This information is definitely accessible, even for a novice, as most hosts don’t hesitate to spotlight the technical specifics of the hosting they supply you.

The variability of the offer

At first glance, the variability of the offer isn’t a criterion that one might consider important. However if you’re taking into consideration the possible evolution of your website, then the variability of the offer presents itself as a chance to simply upgrade to higher offers when the necessity arises.


Some web hosts own their own data center while others rent locations for his or her servers. In any case, the safety and therefore the refore the level of certification (minimum TIER III) of those data centers shouldn’t be neglected because the network connection and the security of your site and your data will depend directly thereon .

Performance and safety

The hosting must offer good overall performance in terms of page load times and availability. additionally to the physical security of its infrastructures, the host must also make sure the software security of its servers so as to guard the sites of its customers against all Internet threats like malware or DDoS attacks to say that they.

Utilisation facility

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced user, simple use remains an important point since it saves time by simplifying the varied administrative tasks on the hosting. Whether it’s the customer area or the administration interface, we advise you to offer preference to hosts who offer the foremost user-friendly or most used solutions, like cPanel or Plesk for instance .

Reliability and customer service

Significant efforts are made throughout the hosting industry to enhance the reliability and quality of customer service. Most hosting providers provide you with a web presence (availability / uptime) greater than or adequate to 99.9%, which has also become the minimum threshold in 2020. Many of them also offer responsive customer service, available 24/7. and reachable on different communication channels.

Free web hosting

For your internet project, the offer of free web hosting can also suit you. Indeed, this is often the simplest solution to save lots of on the web launch of your website. However, this is often not without consequences. it’s important to remember of this before choosing a free host. While you will not have money to spend monthly or annually on your subscription, functionality are going to be restricted. For example, your site are going to be endowed with advertisements, the profits of which can go directly into the pocket of the host. you’ll not even be ready to recover your files the day you would like to vary web host .Free web hosting is therefore only suitable if you would like to start out a really small blog of just a couple of pages. If you would like to form a business out of it, we strongly recommend that you simply choose shared hosting a minimum of . which can only cost you a couple of euros per annum , and which can allow you to develop your project as you see fit.

How to choose your web hosting?

Before signing up for an internet hosting contract , it’s essential that you simply take the time to be clear about it.Concretely, start by evaluating your different needs, albeit this step is long and tedious. First, list all the wants you’ve got for your future hosting.

Choose Canadian web hosting

  • This could, for instance , be the minimum disc space you would like , any applications you’d wish to have, or maybe the amount of gigabytes you’d wish to use.
  • Then ask yourself if shared hosting would be better than a fanatical server. choose from the 2 solutions.
  • Finally, don’t hesitate to inquire about the reputation of the various web hosts also as their prices to seek out the offer that best meets your needs.
  • Choosing your web hosting is therefore faraway from being a pleasure. But your final satisfaction will depend entirely thereon , hence the importance of taking some time and not rushing.

The different sorts of web hosting

In order to satisfy the big variety of needs of their different customers, web hosts have segmented their hosting offerings. they will thus offer a good range of solutions capable of meeting the various expectations and budgets of their customers.

Shared web hosting in Canada

Shared hosting Also referred to as shared hosting, this is often the foremost popular and affordable plan within the industry. As its name suggests, resources are pooled here. that’s to mention that one or several many sites share the resources of the server, which makes it possible to supply very affordable prices, the counterpart being that the performances and functionalities are relatively limited.

VPS web hosting in Canada

VPS hosting  is an intermediary solution, which uses virtual servers to supply a number of the strengths of shared and dedicated hosting. you’ll therefore enjoy superior performance and features for a really affordable price compared thereto of a fanatical server.

VPS hosting is for people that are trying to find an honest balance of performance, quality, features and price.

Dedicated web hosting in Canada

Dedicated server hosting gives you control over a full physical server. you are doing not share any resources, so your sites aren’t likely to be restricted, bogged down or penalized by the sites of other users. you’ve got access to maximum performance, a good range of features and lots of configuration options. this is often the Formula 1 of web hosting!

This high-end solution is aimed toward users with specific constraints in terms of availability, performance or security.

Cloud web hosting in Canada

Cloud hosting Just like with VPS, cloud hosting uses virtualization technologies for the creation of virtual servers. However, within the case of the cloud, several physical servers networked together are used for the creation of virtual servers.

The quantity of obtainable resources is therefore much greater than what a physical dedicated server offers in terms of hardware. additionally , the pliability of the cloud makes it possible to instantly increase or decrease the quantity of resources allocated to a project in only a couple of clicks for better cost control.

WordPress web hosting in Canada

WordPress hosting sort of hosting is meant for demanding WordPress users who are trying to find features dedicated to the present CMS and who need a high level of performance without having to bother with the technical constraints associated with the hosting, management and optimization of WordPress.

Cheap web hosting in Canada

This type of hosting, also referred to as budget hosting, is aimed toward novice users or small businesses who want to run alittle site or blog that needs little resources. These are generally shared solutions whose performance and functionality could also be limited thanks to the very reduced price. However, some great nuggets exist during this market segment.

Reseller web hosting in Canada

Reseller hosting With reseller hosting, you’ve got the chance to sell hosting solutions using your own brand, as if you were an internet site host yourself.

With this solution, the online host provides you with a particular amount of:

storage resources, bandwidth and computing power, as well as administration panels independent of every other
and a billing system.

Unlimited web hosting in Canada

This is a kind of hosting that permits you to host a vast number of web sites on your account. But beware, here the term unlimited doesn’t apply to resources and performance. It simply indicates that there’s no limitation on the amount of web sites you’ll install, but you’ll still be limited by performance and therefore the amount of resources available.