3 Reasons to run a WordPress hosted website

The good news for anyone looking to set up a professional looking website is that it’s neither as difficult, or as expensive as you might think.

The WordPress CMS platform is the source behind scores of the top sites on the web, and with WordPress hosting solutions from most of the major players coming in at just a few pounds per month, it’s entirely possible to create a brand new website to rival many of your favourite sites in terms of quality and functionality.

Here’s a few more reasons why a WordPress hosted site might be the right move for you.

Simple to use

Perhaps the biggest factor in the success of this particular CMS (Content Management System) is just how easy it is to set up and maintain your website, even without knowing the ins and outs of web development.

Many cPanel hosting solutions come complete with something called one-click install, which does pretty much as you might imagine. Click one button, enter a few pieces of information about your new site (nothing more complicated than its name), and the cPanel functions will do all the hard work for you in putting the WordPress platform on your server.

From there, you can install pre-designed themes to give your new website a different look, and even this is nothing more strenuous than uploading it just as you would do with say a picture on Facebook for example.

Even adding and amending your website content is easier than you might think. If you can put together a basic Word document, you’ve already got all the skills you need to add content to your website.

Save money

WordPress’s simplicity lends itself well to being one of the most cost-effective solutions for starting a website that you’ll find anywhere. The actual CMS platform is free, and even if you don’t have the option to install it with one click from your cPanel, you can download all the code you need for free, and then simply upload to your server like you would with any other file. So you’ve already saved a bunch of money in paying somebody else to build you a website.

Nor do you have to keep paying them to update it. You can do that yourself for free.

Factor in the number of cheap web hosting packages with WordPress support that you have available to you, and this really does become perhaps the most cost-effective way to develop a professional looking website.

Let your customers do more

Though the WordPress platform you’ll get initially may seem pretty basic at first, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Plugins or widgets are available which provide extra layers of functionality to your website, giving your customers the chance to interact with your website just like they would any other. Whether you need contact forms, photo galleries, events calendars or any number of other tools, you’ll be able to find a free plugin that does the job.

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