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For small businesses, personal website owners and bloggers alike, cheap shared hosting provides the fastest, most affordable approach to getting up and running quickly and easily.
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Is shared hosting right for me?

Undoubtedly the most popular hosting option provided by all the big names in the industry (and just about all of the smaller ones, too!), shared hosting is an ideal solution for anyone who needs to get their content, eCommerce store or client sites online without huge amounts time, money or hassle.

It could be just the thing if you need budget web hosting for:

  • Your small online retail store
  • Your design portfolio
  • Your WordPress or other blog
  • Websites you’ve created for your clients
  • A personal, group or community site.

What exactly is shared hosting?

You may sometimes hear shared web hosting referred to as virtual hosting, or possibly even shared services, but it all essentially means the same thing:

Opening a cheap shared hosting account puts your website on a web server that you share with lots and lots of other websites.

While this may not sound like the best idea on the surface, it actually works out better for small and medium sized websites than other alternatives, and benefits your hosting company too, which is why they can offer packages at such low rates.

Your website will be kept separate from others on the server by uploading it to its own special partition, but that isn’t the only reason why it works so well.

What are the benefits of shared web hosting?

Trying to decide whether a shared hosting provider is right for your website? Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits you could be enjoying so that you can make a better, more-informed choice in selecting the right web hosting for you.

The most affordable option

Since hosting companies can split up their large servers and sell the individual partitions to lots of different customers all at the same time, they can afford to keep their fees pretty low. This makes a shared host much more affordable than say, hosting your website on a dedicated server.

In the UK, you can get everything you need to launch your own website for just a couple of pounds.

iPage for example, start their shared hosting packages at just £1.19 per month, whilst Godaddy, one of the most well-known web host providers, costs just a few pence more at £1.50 per month.

Compare that to Godaddy’s cheapest option for dedicated servers starting at just under £68 per month, and the savings are obvious.

Launch your site quickly

One of the main reasons most people choose a shared web host is that it empowers them to get their website online within minutes, without needing much in the way of technical knowledge of web experience.

Most companies combine easy-to-follow setup instructions with a simple-yet-powerful interface known as cPanel to help website owners like you launch their site in no time.

Scalable storage solutions

In most cases, you’ll find that even the most basic shared hosting package provides much more space and bandwidth allocation than you’ll ever actually need, so there’s no need to worry about running out of room for your files, or that your website might crash if you enjoy a spike in traffic.

The good news, is that as your business grows, so too can your hosting solution. Find that things are going so well you need bigger, better and more powerful hosting? You can upgrade to the next level quickly and still keep to a fairly small budget.

Easy to access and maintain

Using the details your company provides you with to configure an FTP client (some of the more popular options including Filezilla, WinSCP and Transmit), you can effortlessly update, add and remove your website files by doing nothing more than simply dragging and dropping.

Find that you’re away from your main computer but still need to access your site management? It’s easy to log-in to your cPanel anywhere that you have a browser and an Internet connection.

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