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Dedicated Server HostingAs a growing business, you need a robust, reliable solution to making sure your website as all the space, bandwidth and resources it needs for optimum performance at all times.  Our cheap dedicated server options can dramatically improve your website’s performance and is often popular with more demanding eCommerce or traffic heavy sites.

At the same time, you still have a limited budget, which is why it makes sense to consider the options available for having a cheap dedicated server.

Doing so, you get all the advantages of a powerful server solution with none of the disadvantages that come from sharing hosting with other websites, all at cost-effective prices.

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What is dedicated server hosting?

Just as the name suggests, dedicated hosting means having an entire hosting server dedicated to your company. It means that you don’t have to share resources with other websites, so you’ll always have enough bandwidth and memory available if you’re expecting large amounts of web traffic, or planning to make heavy use multimedia or tools your visitors can interact with.

A good number of major companies offer their own cheap website hosting solutions, so if you think this is the right option for you, you’ve got plenty of choice from reliable names offering the highest standards of quality and security.

Still haven’t decided if a dedicated web server is right for you? Let’s look at just some of the benefits to help you make an informed decision.

What are the benefits of having a dedicated server?

Hosting devoted entirely to you opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to providing a better online experience for your visitors and customers. Here’s some of the reasons why it might be the right move for you.

More control

When you opt for a standard cheap web hosting package, you’re limited in exactly how much control and flexibility you can have in making sure that your hosting is doing exactly what you need it to do.

Though being at the mercy of your hosting company might be fine if you just need a quick, simple solution for a small or medium-sized website, once you start to expand, adding new features and generating huge swarms of traffic, this is often not very ideal.

Instead, with a dedicated server, you get all the control you need to make sure your hosting can perfectly match the needs of your growing business. In most cases, your provider will be on hand to manage everything you need, freeing up your time, energy and human resources.

If you have your own staff on site, you can grant the complete access to do whatever they need in order to ensure your hosting server is performing at its best.

More power

Since all the resources on your server are devoted to you and only you, you won’t suffer if another site somewhere else on the web suddenly experiences a huge influx of visitors.

With other budget hosting options, this isn’t a guarantee. Share your hosting with other websites and if one of them needs to devour a big chunk of bandwidth, it could well take a bite out of yours, leaving your site performing at less than one hundred percent.

For optimum performance, faster load times of big high-resolution images or videos, and to keep your website running at all times, dedicated hosting makes sense.

More technical support

Here’s a little secret for you: Most web hosting companies make their dedicated server clients a top priority when it comes to providing technical support.

Faced with a problem, you could enjoy faster response times from your provider’s top support technicians, creating a quick solution to any difficulty you face.

More appropriate storage solutions

Rather than paying for hosting, some businesses choose to install their own server on their premises and run everything from that. Maybe you’ve thought about joining them, but found that your office lacks the appropriate type, and size, of room you need.

Having your own server means more than just putting it in the back of a box room and keeping the power switched on. To make sure they’re working properly, they need to be in a dry, climate-controlled room with plenty of space to fit the large equipment.

If you’ve considered investing in your own server but don’t have the right space available, dedicated hosting could well be the best route to follow. That way, you get all the benefits of having your own server without having to look after the actual hardware yourself.

Thinking of buying a dedicated hosting solution? Many of the providers on our list of the web’s top hosting companies have everything you need.