Best Drupal hosting provider in Canada

Drupal hosting in CanadaDrupal is a content management system (CMS) unlike any other. It’s being used across Canada for small websites and enterprises alike but when it comes down to using Drupal for your websites, homework needs to be done simply because each major Drupal update is incompatible with older PHP versions. (WordPress has a much lenient approach towards PHP versions)

The different versions of Drupal

Different versions of Drupal require different versions of PHP and MySQL installed on the server. One of the major reason for this is to make sure that Drupal remains as secure as always without the need to worry about any kind of loopholes.

To sum up the PHP requirements for the last few versions of Drupal.

  1. Drupal 6 requires PHP 5.2 & above.
  2. Drupal 7 requires PHP 5.2.5 & above
  3. Drupal 8 requires PHP 5.4.5 & above

As the pattern shows, being able to use the latest version of Drupal requires that your web hosting provider also keeps the PHP installed on the servers up to date.

But using the latest version isn’t really that important for many people. Sometimes due to whatever reason updating the PHP version is delayed or postponed so the website itself can function, in which case having a hosting service which allows you to keep an older version for some time, allowing you to update all your code, is the hosting service you should be looking for.


Blue Host review

BlueHost is on the list of Drupal’s own recommended shared hosting providers. Let’s talk about the various advantages that BlueHost provides for your Drupal experience and why exactly should you choose BlueHost over the many other web hosts out there?

  1. One click install allows you to set Drupal up and get it running with no problems at all!
  2. Unlimited bandwidth makes sure that no matter how many fans you have, your website never crosses the limit.
  3. With 100 GB of storage space available with the starter pack, you have more than enough space to upload whatever you please to your website.
  4. If for whatever reason, you end up reaching the 100 GB limit, you can simply upgrade your package to the next level, BlueHost provides scalable web hosting plans making sure you only ever pay for what you use.
  5. 24/7 customer service makes sure that all your problems are solved before they’re given any chance to escalate out of control.

Whether you’re trying to set everything up from scratch or maybe you’ve hired a professional web developer to work for you, Drupal and BlueHost work splendidly together. Do read our BlueHost service review along with a discount code.



Then there’s DreamHost, we’ve also reviewed their services and we highly recommend that you read through them. You can find our review about DreamHost. The reason we’re talking about DreamHost as one of the recommended Drupal hosting providers is that apart from the features given below, they also have a few wiki pages dedicated to Drupal itself, with instructions to guide you through the installation process and troubleshooting options available to you being a few of them.

So what are the advantages of using DreamH0st? Well. Unlike many other hosting providers out there, DreamHost only gives you one shared hosting plan.

  • DreamHost provides unlimited storage so you never run out space to upload whatever you please to your Drupal website.
  • Unlimited bandwidth is something that people take for granted, if 100 MB of data is streamed a hundred times, it’ll be using 10 GB of your precious bandwidth. DreamHost makes sure that no matter how popular your website, it never approaches the bandwidth limit.
  • Unlimited addon domains – One price to pay to host all of your websites.
  • 24/7 support, around the clock, any day of the month.

As always, we’d like to link you to our review about DreamHost once again so you can know why we think DreamHost is the optimum choice.