Reseller Hosting

Reseller Server HostingThe reseller web hosting market is a special area of the hosting arena which is usually only purchased by web design firms looking to tell their own hosting packages to clients directly or to start-up web hosts that want to buy a hosting solution and private label it with their own brand. In the latter case, this can save millions in initial startup costs of developing an extensive data centre and can allow a new business owner to run a minimum viable product test before investing significant capital at launch.

Look carefully at the technical specification for any reseller hosting plan to see exactly what is being offered. These technical specifications will have to handle the needs of all the customers who buy a hosting package from this reseller account, so more resources are better than too few.

With a cheap web hosting package it is possible to allocate very specifically to your own customers. Create many different plans which are unique to your company and how you wish to run things. Specifics like the exact amount of bandwidth per plan, how much disk space is available as standard, how many email accounts can be configured by the customer, the number of sites that may be hosted and other specifications are all within the reseller’s grasp when they have been provided with reseller control panel access.

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Control Panels Are Not All The Same

The WHM is a separate additional feature of the standard cPanel which allows a cheap reseller account owner to have their own control panel login to manage all resold hosting accounts and also supply one standard control panel to each client who is sold a hosting plan.

Individual resellers can completely customise what their end client will see in their control panel. Allow customers to add a single domain or many, remove the option to park domains and add access to web mail or to create a new email address but not delete existing email accounts. It’s all pretty much customisable for resellers who buy affordable reseller hosting that comes with the very capable WHM cPanel.

Some other cheap reseller web hosting companies may offer their own custom coded control panel to let hosting account users control what options they leave in for their resold hosting accounts. Alternatively, there are many other reseller control panel packages available in the marketplace that can be installed and offered to buyers. In general though, the best idea is a WHM cPanel package for managing a reseller account. This way, once you know how to use it, it’s easier to change to a different reseller account provider later without as much fuss.

Cheap Reseller Hosting With WHMCS is definitely something to look for when trying to find a good reseller hosting provider.

Windows Reseller Hosting

The majority of reseller hosting accounts offered are Linux based. This is because the hosting accounts are cheaper to provide, the sale price usually lower and as a result the Linux hosting is more popular.

Still with that said, there is also the option to either buy a Windows reseller hosting account or to buy a cheap reseller web hosting plan that will allow you to allocate either a Linux-based or Windows-based hosting plan to your end client rather than just being restricted to Linux only.

Pay special attention to the version of Windows that is included with a Windows reseller account. There are regular versions of Windows and also Windows Server editions which are the preferred option, preferably the 64-bit one.

As with any Windows system, the more processor cores and RAM memory available, the smoother the operating system will run. Paying up for something with a bit of power behind it is definitely worth doing with Windows reseller hosting, but this usually takes the cost out of the realm of being considered cheap.

Unlimited Master Reseller Hosting

The option of buying an unlimited master reseller hosting account is open to most businesses that think it might have value for them. With such an account, it’s usually possible to resell many different types of hosting plans rather than being limited to shared hosting and perhaps a VPS or dedicated server.

A master reseller can sell blog hosting plans, FFMPEGE hosting, video streaming hosting, different types of web site hosting, all as private label reseller hosting so that it appears that the business is the provider of the hosting rather than the actual hosting company that owns the servers and runs the data centre.

This is more of a specialist area of reselling as it covers far more varied hosting plans than the regular reseller accounts offered by most mainstream web hosts. But it is a good thing to be aware of because sometimes clients can have some unusual hosting requests that they’d like to be catered to.