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Different Types Of Web Hosting

Web hosting is the process by which people and companies can put their website on the internet to be seen all over the world. Web hosting companies provide server space to a client that allows them to publish their website material. Depending on the type of web hosting you have, the levels of control and features vary greatly. There are several different types of web hosting available. Here is a general overview of the different types of web hosting available.

Free Web Hosting Service

This is the most basic type of web hosting service. It is usually supported by advertising and is commonly found on blog websites. The domain names are usually tied to another website, such as www.blogsite.com/yourname. These hosting services are easy to use but have limited storage space.

Shared Web Hosting

This is also called mass hosting. Shared web hosting involves placing several websites on the same server. This could range from a couple of websites up to thousands of different websites. The benefit here is that many different clients share the cost of the server and its maintenance, which creates a less costly web hosting experience. The affordability is very appealing to many small companies as well. Since many different websites are on the same server, a system administrator is needed. This could limit the control individuals have over the server, but provides great maintenance services as needed. Also, some features are limited with shared hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting

This is essentially the opposite of shared web hosting. With dedicated web hosting service, a server is dedicated to one person. The obvious benefit with this is that that person has total control over the server, including operating systems, software, and other applications. Dedicated web hosting is recommended for those with advanced knowledge. The client manages virtually everything on the server, and the web hosting company is not responsible for anything other than the hosting. This also means the client is usually responsible for all security on the service as there is no system administrator. Features vary by company, but in general a client can customize whatever package they want with dedicated web hosting. In addition to expert clients, companies with a lot of web traffic or additional security needs usually opt for dedicated web hosting.

Managed Web Hosting

This is similar to dedicated hosting except a client does not have full control. The web hosting company manages several aspects including security, administration, and other features. These are usually higher in price than other web hosting services. Other features such as monitoring, software upgrades, and load balancing are included. The web hosting company maintains full control of the server so that they are able to guarantee their service to the best of their ability.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting allows you to contract with a web hosting company and sell their product under your own name. These contracts vary among hosting companies. This type can be used for both dedicated and shared services. Someone who contracts with the web hosting company to sell the server usually provides their own security.

Root Server Hosting

Root server hosting is similar to dedicated hosting. It gives a client access to the root to take control of the server. The hosting company manages the hardware, but the client has control over software, operating systems, and other aspects of the server. The client also has administrative rights, giving them a sufficient amount of control over the server. Root server hosting is also called semi-managed web hosting.

Home Server Web Hosting

Home server web hosting means that you are hosting a website from your home. Usually a computer is converted in to a server and is tied to your internet service. Home server web hosting is limited in scope compared to the services offered by other web hosting companies, but the user has more control.

These are the basic types of web hosting services. The best web service for you depends on your level of need and your expertise. If you deal with sensitive information or want more control over your website, a dedicated hosting service might be for you. If you are a computer novice, looking at shared or managed hosting could be the way to go. Each web hosting company offers detailed packages, so it is important to look over everything before deciding what works for you.

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