A Small Orange Review – A Complete Overview

A Small Orange Review A Small Orange has been in the game since 2003. It was started in Atlanta and since then, it has gained its name in the hosting niche. Even though this company is not among the better known titles in the market when it comes to hosting providers, it has nevertheless expanded rapidly in the past few years. Although it was established in Atlanta, Georgia, the organization now has its headquarters in Durham, North Carolina. The company is founded by Tim Dorr – a web developer and an entrepreneur.

What makes A Small Orange stands out of rest?

According to the people behind the success of the company, the ultimate goal of them is to provide consumers with better web hosting service and not just mere servers that is traded with money. A Small Orange always thrives hard to serve their customer needs.

As stated on their website, their vision is: “Perfecting hosting while maintaining a homegrown feel with a focus on people – our customers, our employees, and our community.”

They even provide a separate page in their site explaining why they are different from other services.

Today, they have over 70 employees helping them improve their business. They also serve several customers around the globe and offers them a 24/7 customer support via e-mail and chat that will assist them with their complaints and needs.

Their service is caters for consumers with a large business website and small business.  Even though A Small Orange is not that popular and so you wouldn’t find it including in the top 5 web hosting companies, we are still very confident that their services will be great and suitable for all big and small business owners that wish to have an affordable plan.

A Small Orange review



  • – Free migration assistance
  • – 24/7 Chat and Phone support
  • – Free domain name
  • – Unique cPanel
  • – No hidden server limitations and no nasty surprises


  • – Limited bandwidth and disc space
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(Note: This is our honest review on A Small Orange the hosting company. We recommend only those products which we personally use and enjoy. If you want to signup with 30% Discount go directly to our A Small Orange Coupon page)


ANO-BS A Small Orange review

Reasonable pricing

This is what I like about the company; they offer the best and realistic web hosting price. This will surely fit on everyone’s budget. If you are looking for a little bit extra, you can also checkout our special a small orange coupon that we have available for all hosting plans.

Web Hosting Plans

A Small Orange Web Hosting Plans

Here is the complete pricing list of all A Small Orange’s hosting plans. We have personally tried every single one for different websites.

Tiny Plan

This plan is best for beginners with new websites or blogs. For just $35 per year, you can enjoy the 250 MB of storage, 5 GB of bandwidth, and hosting unlimited domains.

Small Plan

Starting with $5 / mo., you can get a total of 1 GB of storage, 20 GB of bandwidth, and hosting unlimited domains

Medium Plan

It allows you to pay for as low as $10 per month. This plan contains 5 GB of storage, 100 GB of bandwidth, and hosting unlimited domains. This is the plan we use for Lowhosting.com and it has been great so far! No downtime at all and great customer service 24/7

Large Plan

This plan is for business owners who need bigger storage. For just $20 a month, you can enjoy the 15 GB of storage, 300 GB of bandwidth, and hosting unlimited domains.

Super Plan

A Small Orange Hosting Plan

This is for a larger business website. For a monthly payment of $30 a month, you can get 25 GB of storage, 500 GB of bandwidth, and hosting of unlimited domains.

If you happen to exceed on your plan, the company will charge you a $0.50 for each gigabyte. The company will also ask you to upgrade to a larger plan to avoid bigger excess on your account.

The company also offers some advanced hosting services such as reseller hosting for $15 a month, Cloud VPS hosting for $20 a month, Business hosting for $20 a month and the hybrid servers for $100 a month.

Unlike other web hosting companies, ASO doesn’t guarantee any unlimited bandwidth and disc space, the pricing is cheap and competitive. Good thing about them is that they have a lengthy 90 day money back guarantee. Moreover, users are entitled for a free domain and two months of free web hosting with all annual advances.

The tiny and small plans are very cost-effective. The tiny plan seems like a really wise decision for individuals with websites that don’t require much hard drive space or data transfer usage to operate. Even the small plan is a great choice for individuals who’ve lately started out with their weblogs or e-commerce websites. For just $5 monthly, some quality assistance and an efficient website hosting service system can be a much better choice for individuals who don’t need much hard drive area and data transfer usage, than just another variety that offers endless hard drive space and data transfer usage, at the cost of a lot worse customer support and server stability.

The bigger programs are quite on the more expensive side, with MDDHosting‘s basic plan coming at $7.50 / month with more than twice the data transfer usage allowance, even more sensitive assistance, even less tight limitations across the board and a little bit faster web servers. But if you ask me for a beneficial alternative to MDDHosting, while not seeking to bargain on any of the major factors of service considerably, I’d definitely recommend you to give A Small Orange a try.Here is my unbiased and honest review about ‘A small orange’ product.

Web Hosting Features

The website of A Small Orange doesn’t show any of their features, but it has the features webmasters need to create professional websites and blogs.

A Small Orange Review and their services

Primary features acquired from different websites.

  • Creates unlimited POP3 and IMAP email accounts.
  • It runs on Intel Xeon E5 Dual Hex Core processors.
  • Creates unlimited MySQL databases and FTP accounts.
  • Creates unlimited mailing lists.
  • Cloud Linux operating system.
  • Creates unlimited email forwarders.
  • Creates unlimited subdomains, parked and addon domains.
  • Runs on a cPanel interface for easier navigation
  • Automatic daily backups ensure your website is safely stored and secured.
  • SSD driven for faster website loading and speed.
  • Simple installation for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others.
  • Track website traffic by using Webalizer and AWStats.
  • Eco friendly company
  • Customer support is readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Uptime assurance of 99.9%.
  • Money back guarantee for 90 day period.

The hosting features listed above are included with all of their shared hosting packages and one of the main reasons why have evaluated them so positively in this ASO review.

Hosting Speed and Performance

A Small Orange does everything it could to increase and develop the speed and performance of your website. They even have an option to connect Cloudflare with your hosting account in a few simple steps. Cloudflare is a great way to speed up your site and prevent Ddos Attacks.

Control Panel Interface (cPanel)

A Small Orange runs on the popular cPanel admin interface. For those people that are not familiar with it, cPanel is one of the easiest and coolest interfaces to work with. It allows consumers to manage domains, emails, scripts and other services conveniently.

cPanel A Small Orange

Advantages and Disadvantages of A Small Orange

Now, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of ASO in this review.


Small and big time business owners will surely enjoy all of these ASO features:

  • Free migration assistance; that is, you can migrate your site to their hosting through their free assistance
  • A free SSL certificate for a website
  • A free domain name for one year
  • Unique cPanel for ease-of-use and navigation of your hosting set-up
  • No hidden server limitations, including email accounts, emailing lists, and subdomains

A Small Orange company’s goal is to make their customer happy and contented with their services. The 90-day money back guarantee and refund policy was made for unsatisfied consumers that decided to unsubscribe to the plan.

Technical Assistance and Resources

When it comes to hosting companies, pretty much every company provide 24 / 7 customer support. A Small Orange not only provide 24 / 7 support, but also provide chat with a technical staff at any time. It also provides money refund without asking questions.

A Small Orange provides support via phone, live chat, and conventional e-mail ticketing. The company has a knowledge-base made up of tutorials, guides, and how-tos. The customer service staff prides themselves on the fast technical support response time. Regular response is about 10 to 15 minutes. You can find their real reaction time on the end right of each web page.

A Small Orange is doing their best to reduce their effect on the environment by matching 150% of the power they use with renewable energy certificates. Another way that A Small Orange works to reduce energy consumption is by enabling many of their workers to work from home. This helps to keep vehicles off the road and workplaces more compact, which can have a big effect on the amount of resources consumed. Though not proportional to their web hosting offers, it’s still liberating to know you’re working with a company devoted to preserving energy and helping out the environment.


As A Small Orange claims to serve customers’ needs, they provide such bonuses which isn’t provided by other companies. Some of these bonuses are the following:

  • Additional Software Included – The organization will provide you with additional software for free, such as web design software or anti-virus software.
  • E-commerce – The organization provides a free ecommerce software when you sign up.
  • Shopping Cart – The organization provides free shopping cart application when you sign up.
  • Toll-Free Phone Number – The service provider provides you with a toll-free phone number for free when you sign up.
  • Google AdWords – The organization provides you with Google AdWords credits for free.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – The organization provides some form of refund policy.
  • Other Advertising Credits – The provider offers some form of internet advertising credits as a bonus besides Google AdWords.


There is one thing in A Small Orange which makes their service different than other companies — and that is the unavailability of unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Apparently, they also don’t have a mobile version of the website (i.e., you can view their website in mobile phones, but the layouts will look awkward) so consumers are required to view websites via PC which make it very inconvenient to order hosting.  Their small disk space makes it very difficult to store huge amounts of files, videos, images and other contents that you might include in our hosting product (their basic plan supports 25 GB disk space). Although they claim almost a 100% uptime, they also have some downtime problems but lasting only a few hours.

Other glaring drawback of A Small Orange is their data transfer usage and hard drive space limit which is somewhat underwhelming considering there are some organizations out there that provide endless data transfer usage and hard drive space with all of their plans, although it is quite cheaper ($2.00 / month) than other companies. While it’s awesome there are several plans to select from so you only pay for what you use, if you surpass 25 GB of hard drive space, there’s no other choice except to update to a VPS or dedicated internet hosting service plan, and this could be annoying to some, especially to clients who require large disk spaces.

The other less noticing drawback of using A Small Orange is that Google can find out the server of your website; that is, if your website is hosted on A Small Orange, then Googlebot(or crawler) can know about it along with WHOIS information and can even show it on its search results page. This is a major disadvantage of using A Small Orange for your needs, as not everyone is happy with showing this information in Google search pages.

A Small Orange reviews from previous customers:

Here are some excerpts of customers who have used A Small Orange as their web hosting provider. The reviews were sent to us so we could publish them.

“A Small Orange rocks! Of course they rock. I switched from Go Daddy in January because I found they had hidden cost and I was not satisfied. A Small Orange set me up in a couple of minutes. This was the quickest set-up I ever experienced, in comparison to other website hosts I have used (Go Daddy, HostGator, Liquid Web and Site 5). My website was online an hour later. I have never experienced any down time. And their client care is better than anyone else out there. I am 7 hours from them and have always had live chat assistance in a couple of minutes and the client care person was always helpful. Four stars for value because at $10 monthly, I find they are a little costly. But I rest well at night understanding my clients can find me because my website is always up.”


“I’ve been with A Small Orange almost a year now. I’m a web designer so I’m regularly working with their interface. It’s been one of the most convenient companies I’ve worked with. Lately I’ve been designing for a website hosted on GoDaddy(the customer already had website hosting service with them) and the experience has really made me appreciate my own server. Where do I begin? First, the web servers being used are very fast. 6 cores in comparison to Go Daddy’s dual-core. A Small Orange has been relatively problem free. When I have had issues, they’ve always been easy to work with and do it in style. I would suggest A Small Orange if you want distributed website hosting service that uses state of the art web servers and accented with exceptional customer care.



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