Yahoo Hosting Reviews

Everybody has heard of Yahoo! and their presence on the internet cannot be denied. Using all the knowledge they have gleaned from their experience with all things ‘net ‘, Yahoo! decided to come up with their own web hosting service and the result is a superb product know as Yahoo! Small Business. As the name suggests they specialize in providing the goods for small business to build and maintain their own presence on the internet. Their huge size and vast knowledge combine to make Yahoo! Small Business a web hosting choice with connectivity second to none and and a world class data center. They are also staggeringly fast as you would expect from such a big name in the industry.


You could be forgiven for thinking that since they are such a well known name Yahoo! would be particularly pricey but you would be wrong. Their varied web hosting plans, despite the fact they are some of the most comprehensive on the market, are very reasonably priced. Their plans include free setup, a free domain name, free toll-free support, and a super control panel. Along with all this they are pretty much hassle free as they are just so reliable. Their access to literally 1000’s of royalty free images and a step by step wizard as well as a free guide make setting up your site an absolute breeze.

Customer Service

Yahoo! is a big company but it is extremely careful about its employee selection and training process and the result is that you will receive complete satisfaction every time you contact their customer support.Their toll free 24/7 phone service is second to none.

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Overall Hosting Score: 87%

Control Panel

As you would suspect from a leader in their industry Yahoo! use a custom control panel that is intuitive and therefore fabulously easy to utilize, even for the inexperienced. You will find absolutely no hassle in overseeing site building, editing and any other process you care to name. There web statistics package is provided in easy to understand reports that are invaluable in working out where your traffic is coming from and where you need to improve.


You would expect the highest of reliability ratings from such a well known name and you will not be disappointed. They boast 99.9% uptime and you can therefore rest assured that your site will never let you down. They have multiple data centers to cater for their huge customer base and the very latest in electronic security measures and redundant high speed links to internet backbones. With their data saving policies there is pretty much a zero chance of you ever losing the smallest amount of data.

What sets them apart

“Yahoo! Web Hosting can support your growing business now and in the future.” – Yahoo!

“You get the same trusted back-end technology that supports the Yahoo! network.” – Yahoo!

Yahoo! Site Builder, web site design software is the easiest to use currently available on the market.


Yahoo! Small business makes our top ten, in part, because of their super fast connections and their great data center but in fact their the usability of their software was probably the defining factor. The fact that technical support is also superb just topped things off. If you want fast, easy to use web hosting from a leader its field then Yahoo! is the way to go. You should check them out today.