Different Types of Web Hosting Packages

There are many different “types” of web hosting and whilst most web hosting is often “shared” there are also many different types to consider. Many of the more expensive options are often on either dedicated, semi-dedicated, VPS hosting or even re-seller hosting. The cheap web hosting option (shared hosting) is extremely popular and widely used due to it’s low cost. However if your running a large e-commerce or a service intensive website then you should consider the other options.

  • Dedicated Web Hosting – This basically means you have your own “dedicated server” which gives you many advantages in terms of performance and added features such as root access. This option is popular with extremely busy websites that require a high level of processing power and also gives you the added advantaged of increased up-time which in turn may lead to increased conversions!


  • Re-seller Web Hosting – This option gives you all the standard features of shared hosting whilst giving you your own WHM which allows you to create new cPanel accounts (perfect for starting your own hosting company!).



  • VPS Web Hosting – Known as a virtual private server – this hosting method has many of the same features as dedicated hosting but shares it’s resources with other VPS servers. They are often much cheaper than dedicated servers but don’t offer the same kind of performance.

Always think about your hosting options carefully and in many cases once your with a particular provider you can easily upgrade or switch depending on your current web hosting demands.