Cheap VPS Web Hosting Service

Cheap VPS Web Hosting cheap VPS hosting is tricky to find because of the very real demands of a virtual private server setup. With that said, it is possible to locate a cheap VPS hosting Linux based if you look around and don’t require too much initial hardware specifications to impress your competitors.

A VPS web hosting arrangement is better than shared hosting where hundreds if not a thousand or more separate accounts are hosted individually on the server. Many domains can be parked or used for full site hosting across these single shared server environments pushing the hardware to the limits and sometimes beyond. With VPS web hosting, this becomes much better for customers who can accept paying a bit more for their hosting plan.

Best Hosting Companies for VPS Servers

Cheap VPS Servers

VPS servers are usually offered by most large mainstream hosting providers today within their own data centres. However, usually there is four or more separate VPS plans to choose between and if Linux, Mac or Windows are offered together, then the number of VPS hosting plans can easily go into the double digits.

Cheap VPS Hosting Plans

In the case of the HostGator VPS hosting plans, these provide a good example of the kind of flexibility afforded new customers or those upgrading from a shared hosting plan with the ‘gator.

HostGator’s first VPS hosting plan only offers access to half of a single core from a multi-core processor, rather than being single core, dual core or quad core. Just 25MB of disk storage is provided, half a gigabyte of RAM memory and 500GB of bandwidth. Only Virtuozzo is included rather than cPanel on their cheapest Linux VPS servers.

Their top VPS server is indeed quad core and offers far more capacity to handle greater traffic and visitor loads but at a higher price. The HostGator Snappy 500 plan is only $9.95 to start, rising to a cheap $19.95 each month thereafter.

The Snappy 500 plan is quite limited in pure power, but it does demonstrate how it’s possible to get started in a virtual environment without breaking the piggy bank to do so.

The next step up, the Snappy 1000 plan has a single core processor, 1GB of RAM memory, 60GB of disk space, 1TB of bandwidth, the choice of Virtuozzo or cPanel present, and will cost $49.95 per month after the initial first month cost of $24.98. As a shared Baby plan (for multiple site hosting) at HostGator already costs $9.95 per month, going up to a more powerful VPS plan is still quite cheap for what you get for your money.

The GoDaddy VPS hosting plans run on Windows or Linux-based CentOS or Fedora operating systems. On the Linux side of things, 6 VPS hosting plans are available for selection ranging from a half core allocation right up to multi-core options. Prices range from £12.99 ($19.99) to £92.99 ($149.99).

The Windows Server 2008 Standard 64-bit VPS hosting option from GoDaddy costs considerably more. Starting at £27.19 ($39.99) rising to £101.19 ($149.99) for the most expensive of 4 plans.

Windows or Linux

When  selecting Windows, it is often more difficult to find a cheap web hosting  plan because the web host has to pay for the Microsoft software with license. In the case of finding cheap VPS hosting with cPanel this puts you in the Linux camp where software acquisition costs are far lower.

If your own web site already has data stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database or the site has specifically been hand-coded for ASP or ASP.NET, then you’re more or less stuck with seeking out a Windows-based VPS hosting plan. However, if neither of those situations are the case, then you can probably save some money by opting for Linux which will use PHP coding language, the efficient MySQL relational database management system and cPanel.

As with most hosting plans, with many hosts you’ll save money if you stick to Linux rather than keeping to the Windows that you know and perhaps love. When logged into cPanel or accessing the folder structure using a familiar FTP client app, it’ll all look and function pretty much the same anyway so just because you don’t use Linux on your PC at home or at work doesn’t mean you cannot save money by using Linux VPS hosting for your virtual environment. The savings will add up quickly, especially if you don’t need access to expensive database systems from Microsoft.


In order to find cheap VPS hosting plans, you really need to stick to Linux in order to get the costs down. Don’t over buy on what you think you’ll need because you can always switch VPS plans and be allocated a greater percentage of the available resources of the same VPS server later when upgrading.

By keeping these points in mind, you can keep initial VPS hosting packages affordable for new startups and small sites owners with a few live sites in their portfolio.