WordPress Web Hosting Canada

WordPress Hosting CanadaWordPress, the most popular CMS in Canada, is over a decade old and still going strong. Whilst alternative CMS choices like Joomla and Drupal still have their supporters, it is suggested that as many as 10% of all hosted web sites use WordPress (WP) today.

Initially created as a blogging platform to make it easier to share thoughts and later comments on those thoughts within a limited community, WP gradually expanded so that it could be modified to look less like a blog and more like a fully-fledged web site.

WP plug-ins extend the usefulness of WordPress with improved security features, custom table layouts, email list building and many other extras which save individuals needing to learn how to code. Plug-ins can be installed once to an existing WordPress installation and then the functionality can be enjoyed forever.

Best WordPress Web Hosting Canada

Ways To Add WordPress

Adding WordPress is quite easy to do if you are using a control panel like cPanel. More often than not the web site has included a package of software including programs like Fantastico De Luxe which can help novice users add various types of content management systems, shopping carts, galleries and much more with a few clicks of a mouse.

For this reason, it is usually quite easy to use a standard web hosting account and add the WordPress CMS to get a default version of WP installed.

There are pros and cons to this approach. It’s certainly fast to carry out, however the server that the shared, cloud, VPS or dedicated server used has not in any way been optimised to run more efficiently with WP. Such customisations can make a huge difference to setup, page loading speeds and how many unique visitors a given WordPress installation can handle before becoming overloaded.

WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress web hosting is all about trying to get a custom configured WordPress hosting account without having to pay huge money to do so. Specialist hosting for WordPress like WPEngine do exist, but they initially only handle single sites for an expensive price and when needing to expand with greater bandwidth or additional hosted sites, the costs grow considerably.

There needs to be a balance found between reliable WordPress hosting and the WordPress hosting service received. The specialists are too expensive for most customers to buy, especially when trying to grow with them, as they’re essentially WordPress custom configured hosting under a virtual private server setup. That gets expansive real fast.

Web Page Caching

A good web host will usually offer some form of caching. This is a process where WP itself monitors what information has already been downloaded and doesn’t deliver fresh content when the requester has already received it. This means not sending over a replacement image to go over the top of an identical one.

On the server side, caching also means that WP doesn’t need to keep generating identical pages from the dynamic code, which reduces the load on the server. This not only means that pages can be delivered to web browsers faster due to cutting down on the processing time, but it also means that the WP hosting account won’t get so easily overloaded. The server can then handle more page requests within a given period of time and page loading doesn’t get slowed down as much during peak traffic periods.

Depending on the best WordPress hosting selected, their WordPress plan may include their own custom caching solution or have already installed and correctly configured a caching plug-in like W3 Total Cache.

WordPress Support

Is the staff well versed in WordPress configurations or will the technical support team be the same people who handle other types of installations? This issue is harder to nail down for new customers.

It is perhaps a good idea to fire off a couple of technical WordPress questions to see what sort of reply comes back from the support or customer services team who may have to refer the question on to one of their specialists to get the right answer. If you already know the answers to the questions, then you’ll know if you’re being fobbed off or not.

This is a good test of the kind of support your might receive later when you might actually have a real WordPress installation issue like the plug-ins not showing up correctly, the dashboard stops loading properly or the admin login no longer can be found at the correct url.

Finding Good WordPress Web Hosting

Many of the larger web hosts like GoDaddy, HostGator and HostMonster offer special low-cost WordPress packages. Often there offer more than one; a beginning WP package with limitations and a more expansive one for just a few pounds more per month. In most cases, it is better to stump up a few more quid a month and go for the better package as the WP Starter plans are usually pretty basic.